Is shingle roofing right for me?

    At Aberdeen Roofer over the years, we’ve become shingle roofing specialists. As the premier roofing company in Aberdeen, we have made it our goal to offer shingle roofing services at a reasonable price.

    When it comes to roofing, we’re able to offer a broad spectrum of shingle services from simple 4 gable roofs to more complicated projects that require real craftsmanship and experience. At the same time, we are eager to offer the highest levels of service and value for money. An investment in one of our roofs is an investment of a lifetime. When it comes to shingles, asphalt shingles tend to be one of the more popular materials to use, especially when we’re talking about residential roofing. Compared to many other roofing options, they are particularly easy to install and by all standards, cost effective. You can go the shingle route with a small budget and be satisfied with the result. Deciding on roofing can be a particularly expensive investment so before you decide if asphalt roofing is right for you, read this article outlining the advantages and disadvantages.

    Some of the advantages of Shingle Roofing


    1. Versatility - One of the main uses of a roof is to protect you from the harsh elements that weather brings. It helps prevent heat from escaping an insulated structure and it also keeps the cold air out on days when the weather is harsh. Precipitation such as rain, snow, or sleet is also kept out. Having a good roof over your heads is absolutely necessary for protecting your residence or commercial capital from possible damage. Even a small leak can cause extensive damage if left unattended.
    2. Property Value - Shingles are very easy to cut and fit on even the most complex roof. They’re extremely flexible and a great option for steep pitched roofing. and especially Shingle roofing is really versatile. The result of using a material that has these qualities is that it reduces both the initial investment and the ongoing maintenance and repair costs.
    3. Cost effective - As well as the shingle being pretty inexpensive, as a material, they also don’t necessitate specific accessories for roof edges, wall terminations, and chimney or vent flashings, that other materials might need. This allows for more variety and more affordable options. They require very little maintenance, and replacing broken shingles is inexpensive and accessible. Most shingles are abundantly available.
    4. Aesthetics - It’s a real benefit that shingles have because, thanks to their popularity, they are made accessible and affordable. They are easily obtainable and come in a vast array of colors and sizing. They give you a lot of option when it comes to design, without having to make a significant investment, especially compared to other materials.
    5. Security - We consider ourselves master craftsman who stake our reputation on the quality and longevity of our work, we only work with the best brands and ensure all our shingles come with a Class A certification against fire. This attention to detail helps to give our residential clients especially, peace of mind.

    Some of the negatives associated with Shingles

    1. Weather conditions - Being located in Aberdeen, we have to bear in mind that shingles can be prone damage caused by prolonged periods of high wind. But it’s a balancing act. It’s more often severe winds that do most damage and shingles are so affordable it’s about making a decision about how much you want to invest on the roof, and how much extra risk you’re willing to accept for that increased affordability.

      Similarly, prolonged periods of the sun can cause damage to the shingle, but that’s usually an issue for the weather types you’d expect in the Mediterranean or areas of the US.
    2. Lifetime - Shingles last a long time. 15+ years in most cases. If you maintain them well sometimes much longer. But other solutions offer an average life expectancy of 30 years. Again it’s about making a decision on the initial cost vs the longevity.

      At Aberdeen Roofer we have made shingle roofing an important part of our business because we appreciate that our residential clients enjoy the balance of quality and price. Often we are able to help clients find a shingle solution to fit most budgets.

      We like to help our clients understand all the options available to them, including shingles, and we always encourage them to take advantage of our free consultation where we are able to explain the options you have, including pricing and drawbacks.

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